Mobile Introduction

​ Create exceptional customer experiences with Glance Mobile App Sharing, powered by the Glance SDK. It allows your reps and agents to instantly join a customer inside your Android or iOS app, see what they see, and show them where to go. This empowers agents to drive sales, solve problems, transfer knowledge and reduce the need for future calls.

The SDK is easy to integrate into your mobile apps and pairs with pre-built integrations from our technical partners to offer a complete solution out of the box.​

Features of Glance Mobile App Sharing include: ​

  • Two-Way Video: With one click, agents can connect face-to-face with your customers and naturally collaborate in your app.
  • Gesturing: Guide customers with your mouse, providing distinct visual callouts for customers to follow.
  • Field Masking: Dynamically hide customers' sensitive information during sessions.
  • One-Click Connect: Offer sessions to authenticated customers proactively, removing all friction from engaging with the customer. ​

Request a Glance Developer Account

Using the Glance SDK requires an account. Please request a developer account here, and you will be notified via email when it is provisioned.​

You can go ahead and integrate the SDK into an application without an account. Please see the Quick Start guides below. When your account is provisioned, you will be able to join Glance sessions started from your device or simulator environment.​

If you have questions, please get in touch to schedule a demo or talk with a sales rep. ​

OS Support

​ To see which mobile operating systems are supported by our SDK, please see here.

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