Integrating Glance

You can integrate Glance seamlessly into your operations. These integrations make it easy for your users and your customers to access Glance's Visual Engagement solutions. We provide multiple ways for you and Glance to work together to build an integrated solution.

User-facing integrations

You have several choices for integrating Glance seamlessly with your user-facing systems. You can:

  • Configure Glance's solutions to integrate with one of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) partners:
  • Configure our products to integrate directly and tightly with your organization's IT systems. For this purpose you can use:

Single Sign-On

You can set up single sign-on to Glance for your users. Glance works as a SAML Service Provider (also known as a Federation Services Relying Party when integrating with Microsoft Windows Active Directory).

User Account Provisioning

To manage your Glance user accounts you can integrate Glance's APIs into your back-end systems. You can provision (that is, create and delete Glance accounts for) your users. To do this, you can:

Data and Analytics

To measure and analyze your use of Glance, you can use our activity web service APIs.

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