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Glance for Salesforce User Settings Tab


Glance for Salesforce fully integrates your Glance screen-sharing account with your  Salesforce account. The solution enables comprehensive visual engagement, providing cobrowsing, screen sharing, and the ability to seamlessly switch between the two—all while capturing session data for dashboards and analysis.

To configure your Glance for Salesforce user settings select Glance for Salesforce in the applications menu at the top-right of your Salesforce window, then select the Glance User Settings tab. Then read the articles below to learn more about the various options on the Glance User Settings tab.




If you or your company do not yet have a Glance account, have your Salesforce Administrator go to the Glance Company Settings tab and click the Glance Company Trial button to get a free 30-day trial of Glance.

Glance for Your Glance Account Information Getting started

To get started with connecting your Glance account to your account:

  • If you already have an active Glance account, enter your Glance Address (For example, and the Password to your Glance account (Not your Salesforce password).
  • If you do not yet have a Glance account, click the Get Free Glance Trial button to get a free 30-day trial of Glance. Follow the prompts to create your trial account.




Your Glance Address – The Glance address you set for your trial subscription or your current active account with Glance. This is the web address where your guests will go to join your sessions. Glance addresses look like

Glance Password - Glance password for your current account.

Session Key Behavior 

Glance provides several options for how keys (four-digits) are chosen. Glance for Salesforce defaults to providing a Random Key for each session (the Use a random key for each session option).

If you would like to use the same session key for every session select Always use this 4-digit key and type in your session key.

You also have an option to not use a key by selecting No key.

The last two options are less secure than the randomly generated key, but they are often useful for public sessions or sessions pre-scheduled outside of

Conference Phone for Meeting Requests 

Here you can enter audio conferencing information for scheduled Glance Meetings. If you have your own audio conferencing service, you can enter the information here.

If you would like free* audio conferencing from Glance, click the Get Free Glance Phone Conferencing button (after entering your Glance Address, and when you are not editing the Glance User Settings page). Clicking this button will fill in the Conference Phone settings for you.

Free Glance Phone Conferencing

Note To schedule a Glance Meeting in advance, click Schedule Glance Meeting under Open Activities on any Salesforce Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Campaign, or Case.

*Glance free audio conferencing is available at no additional charge. Each participant pays his or her own normal long-distance charges to a U.S. number. This is not a toll-free (800) number.


Create Leads for Session Guests 

Glance for Salesforce gives you the option to create new leads for guests who join a Glance session if they do not currently exist in Salesforce.

You have three options under this drop down, pick one:

  • Never: Never create new leads.
  • Who provide email: Create a new lead for any guest who provides an email address when joining.
  • Who provide email and name: Create a new lead for any guest who provides both an email address and their name.

How do you use Salesforce  

In addition to automatically relating session events to contacts and leads, Glance for Salesforce can also associate sessions with opportunities or cases. The options available for this setting are selected by your administrator on the Glance Company Settings tab.

  • Mostly for Sales will relate session events to opportunities.
  • Mostly for Support will relate session events to cases.


Glance for Salesforce can optionally post to your Salesforce Chatter feed under two circumstances:

  • Chatter When Scheduling Glance Meeting posts to your Chatter feed with a link to the scheduled Event object for a Glance session to take place in the future.
  • Chatter When Starting Glance Session posts to your Chatter feed with a link to the Event object which will allow individuals to join an active Glance session from that event.

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