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Glance Screen Share System and Performance Requirements


The Glance Screen Share System & Performance Requirements will help you check your computer's ability to host or join Glance Screen Share sessions. To learn more about how Glance Screen Share works visit the Glance Screen Share web page.

Glance Screen Share definitions


Glance Screen Share—Show session A host shows their desktop screen to a guest.
Glance Screen Share—View session A host views a guest's desktop screen.
Glance Screen Share—View & control session  A host views and controls a guest's desktop screen.

Host and guest Show session system requirements


You can host a Glance Screen Share Show session using any of the following desktop system requirements:


  • Microsoft Windows (2000+)
  • Apple Mac (OS X 10.5+)

Guests instantly join your Glance Screen Share Show session from any Windows or Mac computer or any mobile device without the need to install any software. They are also required to have internet access using any of the following browsers:


Joining from a desktop or laptop Joining from a mobile device
Internet Explorer 8+

iOS 5+

Chrome 16+

Android 2.3.3+

Firefox 11+

Windows Phone 8+

Safari 5+

Surface Pro & RT


BlackBerry 7+

Host and guest View session system requirements


You can host a Glance Screen Share View  and/or  View & control session using any of the following desktop system requirements:


  • Microsoft Windows (2000+)
  • Apple Mac (OS X 10.5+)

In order for your guest(s) to join your Glance Screen Share View  or View & control session, they need the following desktop specifications:


  • Microsoft Windows (2000+)
  • Apple Mac (OS X 10.5+)
clipboardnew.png Note  When you begin a View  or View & control session, your guest(s) will be prompted to download and install Glance software. The download is very small and will only take a few seconds to complete.

Guests also need to have internet access using any of the following browsers:


  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Chrome 16+
  • Firefox 11+
  • Safari 5+
clipboardnew.png Note  View only and View & control sessions are only available on desktop, not mobile.



Glance's high-speed servers forward screen changes as fast as your network allows. Many factors can affect your network's actual speed over time. To provide the best experience for your guests, make sure you have optimal upload and download speeds by taking the Ookla speed test.


Your UPLOAD speed affects how well you can host sessions.

Your DOWNLOAD speed affects your viewing experience.



500+ kbps

You rock!

300 kbps


200 kbps


100 kbps

Not so hot

<50 kbps



Ready to try Glance?


All you need to host sessions is a free trial or paid subscription and Glance installed. And for the best experience, be sure to download the latest version of Glance Screen Share.


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