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How do I let others show their screens when we're using Glance Screen Share?

Now with Glance Screen Share, you can switch presenters during a session! Co-presenters just need Glance installed before joining. They do not need a subscription.

Instructions for co-presenting

FIRST: Make sure you have Glance installed. Download here.

NEXT: Before your session starts, have co-presenters download Glance at This is a one-time step.

  • Tip: Only those wanting to show their screen need Glance.

START: Start your session. Have everyone join with their favorite web browser.

SHOW: Co-presenters will see a G icon appear in their system tray. Any co-presenter can click their G-icon and choose Show my Screen. Everyone now sees that person's screen.

CHANGE PRESENTERS: Have someone else click G > Show my screen. That person becomes the new presenter. Click G > Hide my screen to stop showing.

STOP: To prevent guests from showing:

  1. Click G > Settings
  2. Choose Options
  3. Uncheck Allow guests to show their screens
  4. Click OK