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How do I show my smiling face on a webcam? Or show videos?

Using a webcam

On a PC, power up your webcam and put it in "preview" mode so you can see yourself. Your guests will see you too. When you feel they've seen enough, hide the window.

On a Mac, open up Photo Booth. If your webcam is connected, you should see your face immediately.

Showing a video

To show a video, just play it! See How Do I Transmit Voice/Audio for tips about helping your guests hear its sound.

Video performance

Don't forget that Internet services used by small businesses often let you upload data only about 10% as fast as you can download. This can limit video performance to only a few frames per second. You can improve quality by playing the video inside a smaller window or by getting a faster upload speed.

Some video players on PCs write directly into your video card's display memory, an operation that our solution might not detect. Please see this article if guests can't see what you're showing.