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Glance Screen Share: Getting Started on a PC/Windows machine


Glance software must be installed on your PC before you can show your screen. This document provides the basics on how to download, install, and use your Glance Screen Share solution.

System Requirements

Glance Screen Share runs on PCs with Windows™ 8/7/Vista/XP or Macs with OS X version 10.5 or higher (PowerPC and Intel based).


When you are ready, sign up for a free trial or subscribe to Glance Screen Share. If you have already done this but not yet downloaded Glance Screen Share, please click here: Download.


After the download has been initiated, if prompted, enter your Glance Address and Password.


Once installed, Glance places a "G" icon in your system tray (next to your computer's clock). You use Glance Screen Share by clicking the "G".


Tip: Windows often tries to hide icons. Make sure the Glance icon stays visible by doing the following:

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Glance > Glance to make sure Glance is running.
  2. Right-click a blank spot on the Windows Task Bar and choose Properties. The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click Customize... in the lower right corner, which opens another window.
  4. Locate the line with the Glance "G" icon and click its entry in the Behavior column.
  5. Choose Always show.
  6. Click OK.


Using the Settings - Options Tab


The Settings window allows you to select from a number of options that will dictate how Glance Screen Share behaves. The Options tab within the Settings window contains the following setting options:

  • Instant Join
  • Guest Information
  • Session Keys
  • During my session (encryption options)
  • Show

Opening the Options tab

To open the Options tab:

  1. Click the "G" icon in your system tray, (next to your PC's clock). (Tip: A single right-click opens it faster.) A drop-down window is displayed.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select the Settings... option. The Settings window is displayed.
  3. On the Settings window, make sure the Options tab is selected.

Instant Join

With Instant Join your guests instantly see your live screen. They do not need to download a plug-in, nor do they have to have Java or Flash.  


Use Instant Join to get your guests in fast and with the fewest clicks.  


To choose Instant Join, select "Instantly (no download)" under "Have guests join".



For remote control, or to show video/animations, choose "With high performance plug-in (under 15 seconds)" to use Glance's high performance plug-in.

Guest information

You can ask your guests for contact information when they join your Glance Screen Share sessions. You should specify what information your guests will be asked to enter.



You can ask guests for name, phone, and email. For each item you can specify:

  • Required - Guests must enter the information in order to join your session
  • Optional - Guests will have the option of entering the information
  • Don't Ask - Glance will not even ask your guests for the information


To see information entered by your guests, log into your Glance account on our website. Read more about this option on the Manage Your Account page.

Session Keys

Glance Screen Share sessions can have a four-digit Session Key. If you have selected this option, guests must know the session key in order to join your Glance Screen Share sessions. 


Glance provides several options for how keys are chosen. 

  • Random key. This is the most secure option available. If you select this option, Glance Screen Share provides you with the key when you start a session. You give the key to your guests however you like (phone, IM, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • I'll give guests a key in advance. Ask me for it when session starts. This option is useful for scheduling sessions in advance.
  • Always use this key. You can specify a key to use for all of your sessions. Enter your key in the field next to this option. Please note that this option is less secure.
  • No key (fastest, least secure). This option is the least secure, but it is a great option for public sessions. Guests only need your Glance address (e.g.,

During my session

There are three options under "During my session", each of which is elaborated upon below:

  • Encrypt my sessions
  • Let guests with Glance app show their screen
  • Show

Encrypt my sessions

You can encrypt your sessions to maintain privacy. You and your guests will not notice anything different, but your screen data will be encrypted before being transmitted.


For encryption, check the "Encrypt my sessions" option.

Let guest with Glance app show their screen

Your guests can choose to show their screens at any time during a session.

  1. Check the "Let guests with Glance app show their screen" option.  
  2. Make sure your guests have Glance before they join your session. If your guests already host sessions with Glance, they are all set. Otherwise, have your guest visit to get Glance before joining your session.

After guests join your session, a G icon will appear in each guest's system tray.   A guest can click the G icon and choose Show my screen at any time.



If you have more than one monitor on your computer, you can select which one Glance shows to your guests.


Select the monitor you wish to show in the menu next to "Show" under "During my sessions".



Start Session - Show My Screen


This section will walk you through the first option on the Glance Screen Share menu: Start Session - Show My Screen. Start Session - Show My Screen makes it possible for guests to see your live PC screen. Choose this option to host a web demo, webinar or presentation. 

To open the Glance Screen Share menu:

  1. Single-click the "G" icon in your system tray, (next to your PC's clock) to open Glance's one-button menu. (Tip: A single right-click opens it faster.) A drop-down menu with the options below will be displayed.

  2. Select the first option listed: Start Session - Show My Screen.

Using Start Session - Show My Screen

If you are starting your first session, you will be prompted to enter your Glance address and password.


There are several ways you can start a Glance session.


The most basic way to start showing your screen:

  1. Ask your guest to go to the web page at your Glance Address.
  2. Enter the Session Key
  3. Click Join Session.



Note: Your first guest must join within ten minutes, before the Session Key expires. Additional guests can join at any time.

To Start a Glance Session via email

  1. Click the email button on your Session Information window to create an email with a link to your session.
  2. Add anything you like and send it to your guests.

To invite guests via text message

  1. Click the copy button. This puts a link to your session on your clipboard.
  2. Paste the link into a message and send it to your guests.

To invite guests via social media

Post an invitation to Facebook or Twitter.

To invite guest via your website

  1. Add a Glance box to any web page with just two lines of HTML.
  2. Tell your guests to enter the session's key and click the Glance button. Moments later, they see your screen.



Clicking the Can you Glance link takes them to a web page that checks their computer for Glance compatibility.

To join someone else's Glance session from within Glance

  1. Click your "G"-icon. The drop-down opens.
  2. Choose Join Session. A window will open.
  3. Enter your guest's Glance web page address and session key in the appropriate places.


Start Session - View Guest's Screen


Start Session - View Guest's Screen allows you to see or control your guest's screen. Choose this to provide remote support or view documents or applications on your guests screen.

On your PC/Windows machine:

  1. Click the G icon in your task bar near your computer's clock.

  2. Select Start session - view guest's screen.
  3. When you are asked "How do you want the session to start?", choose either: 
    "View only" (to only see their screen)
    "View and control" (to allow you to control and type on their screen)

  4. Ask your guest to go to the web page at your Glance Address, enter the Session Key, and click Join Session. For alternative ways to invite guests to join a session (e.g., via email, social media, your website, text, etc.), please see Start Session - Show My Screen.
  5. Tell your guest to follow the instructions on their screen. Your guest will be asked to run Glance from their Mac or PC and confirm they want to allow you to see (and optionally control) their screen.
  6. Have your guest click "Allow" to allow you to view and/or control their screen.

  7. You are now ready to view and/or control your guest's screen.


Using Remote Control


When viewing your guest's screen, you can request remote control when guest joins or your guest can single-click the G icon on their computer and choose Allow remote control.

Starting remote control

To start the remote control option:

  1. Click the G icon. A drop-down menu will be displayed.

  2. Choose Allow Remote Control from the drop-down. The border around your screen will change from yellow to red.


When you Allow Remote Control, each guest's pointer says "Click to control". A guest clicks his mouse to get control. Only one guest at a time can have control.


During a remote control session

When a guest has control, a red dot appears over his cursor.



To temporarily take back control from a guest, just move your mouse. That guest's pointer changes to a circle-slashed arrow. Pause a few seconds to let a guest regain control.


Ending remote control

When done, click your G icon and select Stop Remote Control.

Disabling remote control

You can disable the remote control feature on any computer by following the steps below: 

  1. When not in a session, single-click the G icon.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Click the Options tab
  4. Uncheck Enable remote control option.


If you don't want to allow remote control in your organization (or just for some users), call Glance support and we will help you set that up.

Additional notes

No one can take control of your computer if you don't allow it.

We suggest that you not leave remote control running unattended.


Session Options and Indicators


Once you start a session, several indicators appear: 


  1. A red square appears around the Glance "G" icon.
  2. A yellow and black border appears around the edge of your screen, to remind you it can be seen by your guests.
  3. Your desktop wallpaper changes to a solid color.


In addition, a Session Info dialog box is displayed.

  1. The information in the dialog box will reminding you to tell your guests to go to the web page at your Glance Address and enter the Session Key. The Session Status shows how many guests have connected.

  2. Click "Close this window" to hide the Session Info box. Note that the session remains connected.
  3. To show the Session Info dialog box again, double click the "G" icon, or click it once and choose Session Info from the Glance menu.


Tip: To recall your session key during a session, hover your mouse over the "G"-icon in your menu bar. Alternatively, double click the "G"-icon.

Join Session Option


Join Session lets you view a Glance session using Glance's built-in viewer. 


To select Join session:


  1. Click the "G" symbol to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Join Session...
  3. You can now join a Glance Screen Share session.


Additional menu items options

During a session, several menu items are available from the drop-down that is displayed when you click the "G" icon (see picture above):


  • Hide my screen. Choose this option when you do not want your guests to see your screen. This does not end your session. The border around your screen vanishes and the Glance icon in your menu bar and/or dock flashes when your screen is hidden. Each guest's view is replaced with a white screen and the message "Screen not being shown". Everyone stays connected.
  • Show my screen. Choose this option to resume showing your screen.
  • Allow / Stop remote control. Choose this option to share control of your mouse and keyboard with your guests.
  • Session info. Choose this option to see how many guests are in your session and how to invite additional guests.


Ending or Leaving a Session


Glance behaves like a telephone call. Guests can come and go, but when the last guest leaves, the session ends and its key expires. Guests leave by closing their viewer window.


As session host, you can end your session at any time, disconnecting everyone. In order to do so:

  1. Click the "G"-icon. A menu will be displayed.

  2. Choose End Session from the menu. Your session will now end.


Manage Your Screen Share Account


Read below to learn how to open your account information and manage the options contained therein.

Open My Account

To access your account:

  1. Single-click the "G" icon in your system tray, (next to your PC's clock). (Tip: A single right-click opens it faster.) A menu is displayed.
  2. Choose the Settings option. The Settings window is displayed.
  3. Click the "Account" tab.
  4. Click the My Account link.


Alternately, choose the My Account at the top right of the Glance homepage at

My Account options

The following options are available from your account dashboard:

  • Login Page - Enter your Glance Address and Password to access your account.
  • Summary - Overview of account information, and recently-completed sessions for your Glance Address.
  • Profile - Change your name, e-mail, and password information.
  • Activity - View Glance session activity.
  • Audio - See your audio conferencing account information.
  • Subscriptions - Shop for more capacity.
  • Billing - Keep your credit card information up to date.
  • Users - Add or delete users, view detailed reports of their usage and view current subscriptions.
  • Log Out - Exit your account management area. (Glance automatically logs you out after 10 minutes of inactivity.)


Schedule a Glance Screen Share Session in Advance


If you want to announce an upcoming Glance session, it's convenient to tell everyone what key it will use. Follow the instructions below to set up a session in advance.


If you want to announce an upcoming Glance session, it's convenient to tell everyone what key it will use.


First, tell Glance to let you control each session's key:

  1. Single-click the G-icon.
  2. Choose Settings > Options > I'll give guests a key in advance. Ask me for it when session starts.

Now each time you start a session, Glance will ask what key to use for it. 


Let's say you need to announce a key for your staff meeting next Monday and another for a webinar at the end of the month. Make up a key for each event, such as 1167 for the staff meeting and 3141 for your webinar. 


When you compose the email announcing the staff meeting, tell people they will need to go to your Glance Address (e.g., and enter the session key 1167. 

  • Make your Glance Address clickable by writing it this way:
  • Even better, include the session key in the link, so your guests don't have to type it. For example, the link will take each guest directly into the session hosted by with key 1167.


On Monday, when you start your staff meeting's session, set Glance up to use key 1167.


Remember that you must start a session before your guests can join it. Your first guest needs to connect within 10 minutes. If no one does and the session expires, start a new session with the same key.


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