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Why are there Conversation, Q and A and Presentation modes for the Glance free phone conferencing?

Glance phone conferences have three ways to control who can be heard. As the Host, you rotate through the modes by hitting *7.

All conferences start in Conversation mode. Hitting *7 moves it to Q&A mode. Hitting *7 again moves it to Presentation mode. Hitting *7 a third time moves it back to Conversation mode, and so on.


  • Conversation mode lets everyone speak freely.  Choose it for small groups.
  • Q&A mode mutes everyone who entered with the Guest Passcode. Each guest can un-mute (and again mute) himself or herself by hitting *6 on their telephone keypad.  This is handy for larger meetings or if someone's line is noisy or causing an echo.
  • Presentation mode mutes everyone who used the Guest Passcode, but unlike Q&A Mode, they cannot un-mute themselves.  This is best for large events, like webinars.

    Start webinars and other large events in Presentation mode. When it's time for questions, hit *7 twice to rotate the conference to Q&A mode. Then invite those with questions to un-mute themselves by hitting *6. When Q&A is over and it's time to wrap up, hit  *7 again, which rotates the conference back to Presentation mode and mutes everyone.