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How can I get the fastest possible Glance Screen Share performance?

Below is some advice on how to get the best Glance Screen Share performance.

User friendly firewall

Start a session and look at the Session Status field in your Session Info box. If it includes the word tunneling, you may want to ask your network administrator to add a simple, secure rule to your company's firewall policy so Glance can run at peak efficiency.

Check your upload speed

Guests see changes to your screen only as fast as you can send them to Glance Screen Share. The bigger your pipe, the faster Glance Screen Share runs.

Many small business and home office networks enjoy fast download speeds, but their upload often is just a fraction as fast. Slow upload speed can cause slow Glance Screen Share performance. Check your network's performance at the Glance Screen Share System and Performance Requirements page.

Lower your host screen resolution

Glance Screen Share sends your entire screen, so reducing its resolution should improve performance. For example, a complete 1280x800 screen can be sent about 2x faster than 1920x1080.