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Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension Installation and Setup Guide


Salesforce Live Agent allows service organizations to connect with customers and website visitors in real time through a web-based live chat. Glance for Salesforce Live Agent integrates the power of Glance's visual engagement solutions including cobrowsing, screen sharing, agent video, mobile showcase, and data capture with Salesforce Live Agent in one easy-to-use platform.  To learn more about how Glance for Salesforce works, please visit the Glance for webpage.

The Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension Installation and Setup Guide provides step-by-step instructions for an administrator to install and configure the Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension application. For information on how to install and set up the Glance for Salesforce solution, see the Glance for Salesforce Installation and Setup Guide.  For instructions on how to install Salesforce Live Agent check out the Salesforce Live Agent for Administrators web page.

Part 1: Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension installation process

The Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension installation process includes how-to steps for an administrator to download and install the Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension application. 

Note  You need to first install Salesforce Live Agent and Glance for Salesforce before installing the Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension

Download Glance for Salesforce Live Agent

Please contact your Glance representative or email to retrieve the Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension install link. 

Install package for Glance for Salesforce Live Agent

Now that you have received the download link from Glance, you are ready to install the Glance for Salesforce Live Agent Extension

  1. From the Glance for Salesforce install page, select one of the options: Install for Specific ProfilesInstall for Admins Only, or Install for All Users, and then click the blue Install button.


    Note  If you select the Install for Specific Profiles option, you will be prompted to select profiles and permissions:

    Select Specific Profiles.png

  2. You will now see the following message while the install is processing: 


  3. Click Done once you see the Installation Complete! message:

    clipboardnew-clear.png Note  The installation process may take a few minutes. Salesforce will also send an email notification upon completion. 


Part 2: Glance for Salesforce Live Agent setup 

Glance for Salesforce Live Agent setup has been created for an administrator to setup and customize Glance for Salesforce Live Agent.


clipboardnew.png Note  This setup guide follows the Salesforce Winter 16 user interface and was created using Windows 8.1 and Chrome 46.  Experience on different browsers, operating systems, and/or Salesforce versions ar nearly identical; feel free to reach out if there are any inconsistencies.

Glance for Salesforce app

In order to configure Glance for Salesforce Live Agent, you will first need to locate the Glance for Salesforce app. Click the Salesforce App Menu located in the upper-right of  your Salesforce instance and select Glance for Salesforce from the drop-down list.

Glance for SF tab.png

Update your current Salesforce Service Console app

In this section, you will learn how to update your current Salesforce Service Console to include Salesforce Live Agent, and add Glance as a console component.  If you need to create a new Service Console, please view our Create a Salesforce Service Console (Live Agent) documentation for the process.

  1. From the top-right of your Glance for Salesforce instance, click your Username, and then select Setup from the drop-down menu.
  2. From the upper-left of the Setup menu, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Apps under the Create menu.

  1. Click Edit next to the name of the Salesforce Service Console app in which you want to set up Live Agent.

  2. The Custom App Edit page will now appear. Scroll down the page and check the Include Live Agent in this App box.


  3. Choose the records or pages that you want to open as subtabs of chat sessions in the chat workspace.
    clipboardnew.png Optionally, if your organization has Knowledge enabled select Include Suggested Articles from Knowledge in Live Agent to display the Knowledge One widget in the chat workspace.

  4. Next, scroll down the Custom App Edit page further until you locate Choose Console Components. Add Glance to the Selected Items window and click Save at the very bottom of the page.


    clipboardnew.png Note You can run multiple Salesforce apps at the same time. However, if you log into another Salesforce app while you’re logged into a Salesforce console app, you can’t accept new chat requests.

Modifying your existing custom Chat page

Instead of using the included Glance Custom Chat Visualforce page (steps to set this up are located at Create a Custom Chat Page and Add to Site), you can modify your own custom chat page by adding the following JavaScript code:

clipboardnew.png Note  The code is also available by viewing theGLA4SF__GlanceCustomChat Visualforce Markup tab. Navigate to the tab by clickingGLA4SF__GlanceCustomChaton the Site Visualforce Pages section of the Site Details page.
<script type="text/javascript">
liveagent.chasitor.addCustomEventListener('startCobrowse', function customEventReceived(receiveResult) {
if (receiveResult.getType() == 'startCobrowse') {
if (confirm('Start Cobrowse?')) {
var data = receiveResult.getData().split('|');

var message = {
glance_invoke: {
func: 'startSession',
args: {
sessionKey: data[0]
groupid: data[1]

// Send message to the page that started the chat to start the cobrowse.
window.opener.postMessage(message, '*');

// Send event back to agent that cobrowse has been started.
liveagent.chasitor.sendCustomEvent('cobrowseStarted', '');

Glance Company LiveAgent settings

Glance Company Live Agent settings are where you can choose various Live Agent settings including Initiation, IE Fallback, and Cobrowse Window.

clipboardnew.png Note  For all Live Agent options, choose only one and then click Save.

Glance Company Settings location

Before you can choose Live Agent Company settings options you must navigate to the Glance Company Settings page:

  1. Click the drop-down menu located at the top-right of your Salesforce instance.
  2. Select the Glance for Salesforce app.
  3. Select the Glance Company Settings tab on the navigation bar.
    Liveagent company settings from latestdemopage.png

  4. Scroll down to the Live Agent section to configure the Live Agent Company Settings.
Initiation Options

There are four Initiation Options for Glance for Salesforce Live Agent:

Verbal Key Your visitor must start the cobrowse session. They will see a 4-digit key on their screen and tell it to you over the phone.
Click on Associated Field An identified website visitor starts the cobrowse session, and the key will display in a Lead, Contact, or Case field.
Link via Chat A link will be sent in the chat stream for the customer to click on. This must be a link to a Glance Cobrowse enabled page on your website.
Automatic (recommended) The cobrowse session will be started by messaging through the chat stream. The visitor will only need to confirm allowing viewing their browser.
Instant Not yet implemented.


IE Fallback Option 

Internet Explorer does not support the messaging needed for Automatic option. If your website visitor is on IE, then starting the cobrowse will fall back to using either Verbal Key or a Link via Chat, depending on the option that you choose.

Cobrowse Window Options

Glance for Salesforce Live Agent offers three options for viewing the cobrowse session:

None Appears in the component pop-up 
Console Subtab  Not yet implemented. 
New Window The cobrowse view is opened in a new browser window (or tab). This may be required if the customer site is not HTTPS, otherwise, you would need to set your browser to allow mixed content in the Salesforce Console page.


Set up your customer site

You may use a Salesforce community site, company site, or any other website to set up your customer site 


Note  Your Glance account must be enabled for cobrowse version 3.0.2 or later.

How to use Glance for Salesforce Live Agent

For information on how your agents can use Glance for Salesforce Live Agent, please see the  Glance for Salesforce LiveAgent User Guide. 

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