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Create a Custom Chat Page and Add to Page (Live Agent)

Create a Custom Chat Page (Live Agent)

Glance for Salesforce Live Agent requires a custom chat page that is scripted with Glance JavaScript code. You may use either the custom chat page included in the Glance for Salesforce Live Agent application or add the Glance JavaScript to your own custom chat page.

To create a Glance custom chat page:

  1. From the top-right of your Glance for Salesforce instance, click your Username, and then select Setup from the drop-down menu.
  2. From the upper-left of the Setup page, enter Chat Buttons in the Quick Find box and Chat Buttons & Invitations will appear under the Live Agent menu.
  3. Click Chat Buttons and Invitations.
  4. Click New to create a new Chat Button. (You can also click Edit, to edit a current chat button.)
  5. When creating a new chat button, you will first need to select the Type as a "Chat Button" and enter the Name and Developer Name for your button:

  6. Navigate to the Routing Information and select the correct skills to add to the button:

  7. Scroll down to the Chat Button Customization section and click the Lookup icon lookup icon.pngnext to Site for Resources if there is a specific that you need to reference for resources. 
  8. Staying within the Chat Button Customization section, click the Lookup icon lookup icon.pngnext to Custom Chat Page.

  9. The Lookup window will now appear. Type Glance in the Lookup field box and then click Go!.
  10. Select GlanceCustomChat from the search results.

  11. Click Save.

Create a Site (Live Agent)

In order to host a Glance Custom Chat page, you will need to create a new site on your domain.

clipboardnew.png Note  You will need to first set up a domain for your organization if you haven't previously.
  1. From the top-right of  your Glance for Salesforce instance click your Username, and then select Setup from the drop-down menu.
  2. From the upper-left of the Setup page, enter Sites in the Quick Find / Search box.
  3. Select Sites under the Develop drop-down menu. 


  4. Click your site (shown here as liveagent) under the Site Label column.


  5. The Site Details window now appears. Scroll down to Site Visualforce Pages section and click Edit.

  6. Add GLA4SF.GlanceCustomChat to the Enabled Visualforce Pages and then click Save.

  7. You will now see GLA4SF.GlanceCustomChat listed on the Site Visualforce Pages.

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