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Glance for Salesforce User Guide


This guide is meant to assist Glance for Salesforce users in getting started and using the application effectively. Once you have completed the setup and read through the user guide, you will be ready to host Glance sessions and connect instantly with your prospects, clients or anyone with whom you would like to show/view information. 

If you have any further questions, please contact your internal Salesforce administrator or Glance Networks.  You can also learn more about Glance Networks at

Get started with Glance for

This information is meant to be used after the Glance deployment into your installation. This piece shows you how to establish a Glance username and password, as well as download and install the Glance client, all of which are critical in order to begin using your Glance solution.

Username and password

  1. In the Glance for Salesforce View, click the drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the view and select "Glance for Salesforce".
  2. Select ‘Glance User Settings’. 
  3. When you get to the Glance User Settings page, you can view the Glance tour video, “Create a New User” or enter your active Glance information. Select the option you want:
  • Welcome to Glance for Salesforce – Watch a Glance tour (Recommended): Includes three introductions to Glance for
  • New to Glance: Click ‘Go’ next to setup an account. 

New to Glance option

If you select the "New to Glance" option, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Select a Glance address and a password, or enter a different one.
  2. Read the Glance terms of service and then check "I have read and accept the Glance terms of service".
  3. Click "Create Account".
  4. Click "Return to User Settings".

NOTE: You will need to remember these settings for the next step.

Download and install the Glance client

If you have not already done so, you must download Glance 2.7 client. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. In a web browser visit
  2. Click the link "Download" option.
  3. Follow the installation instructions and setup wizard.
  4. Input your Glance Address and Password that you selected above.
  5. Single right click the Glance ‘G’ icon in your systems tray (lower right-hand corner next to your clock) and select settings.
  6. Under "Have guests join", select the radio button "Instantly (no download)" (see screen shot below).
  7. At the bottom right corner of the window, click "OK".

Connect to Glance for

Depending on how your Glance for installation has been set up, you may have the option to cobrowse with a website visitor. Below are instructions on how to begin a Glance for cobrowse session.

Beginning a cobrowse session

  1. In order to connect to a visitor via Glance for Cobrowse, click the blue cobrowse button in the upper right corner of a Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Campaign, or Case Layout. 
  2. The blue button will change to the following messaging:  “Waiting for guest – Have Key – Cancel".  
  3. Click “Have Key”.
  4. Enter the four-digit key provided by your client.  
  5. You are now cobrowsing with your customer

On the fly screen sharing in

When hosting a Glance Screen Share session on-the-fly, click one of the two blue buttons (Show or View) in the upper right corner of a Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Campaign, or Case Layout.

When you click the button it will launch a Glance session and open an event object for you to log information about the session.

A Glance window will appear to remind you of your Glance address and the session key that you should give your guest in order for him or her to join the session. 

Schedule Glance for Meetings

You may decide to schedule a Glance for meeting with a customer, for example when you are demoing a product or service or providing onboarding or training. Below are instructions on how to schedule a meeting through the interface.

How to schedule a meeting

When scheduling a Glance meeting for the future simply click the ‘Schedule Glance Meeting’ button under open activities. 

An event object will be displayed. You can now schedule a meeting for any day or time.

If you want to send a confirmation email from, click "Add to invitees". The email that is sent to the guest will include your Glance session information. 

Host a scheduled meeting with Glance for

When the date for your scheduled meeting comes around, it will be time to host the meeting. Below are the steps required for starting the Glance session so you can share and collaborate with your customer.

Host your scheduled meeting

Below are the steps to follow when it is time to host your scheduled meeting with Glance for

  1. Click on the Glance Session activity.
  2. Launch from the Glance Show / View button on the event highlighted in yellow on the image below. This will open a Glance session.

Note that the same session key will be used for the Glance session that was emailed to the guest when the event was first scheduled. For an example, see the detail in the red highlighted areas below.

View Activities and Session Information for Glance for

If you would like to view your Glance-related activities (past and scheduled meetings or session information) in, follow the instructions below.

View your history

All past and scheduled Glance activities will be listed under Related Lists.

Glance automatically updates information in Salesforce regarding all your sessions on the activity record. Below you will see in yellow the information gathered about the session and in red the information gathered when the guest enters their name, email and phone number on the joining pages. 

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