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What is involved in the Glance Cobrowse version upgrade process?

A Glance Cobrowse upgrade is a single setting change in the Glance database that determines what version/release of Glance Cobrowse the customer is running.  

The upgrade process is completed within a few seconds. Following the upgrade, it may take up to an hour for web caching to take place depending on when the visitor connects to the customer's website.   

clipboardnew.png Note  Web caching does not involve nor is it controlled by Glance.
For example, visitors who connect to the customer’s website for the first time experience the upgrade immediately because they do not have anything cached on their browser. 
However, if a visitor is on the customer’s website minutes before the upgrade, the upgrade may take longer to propagate because the visitor has more recent cached data in their web browser.  Additionally, this type of  visitor is not impacted by the longer upgrade time because they will simply use the previous "working" version of cobrowse while the upgrade is processing. 


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