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Glance Cobrowse System Requirements


Glance Cobrowse is a service offered through the Glance Panorama platform that allows customer service agents to simultaneously view web pages, live, as currently seen by visitors (customers/prospects) on the company website they are supporting within the same browser view. With the visitor’s permission, Glance Cobrowse also allows an agent to remotely control a visitor’s webpage, but can never view or control any other open browser or open applications on a visitor's computer.

Since agents can see and share exactly what visitor's are trying to accomplish, they can provide a seamless and more satisfying customer experience. This type of online collaboration dramatically reduces frustration and can build lifetime customer loyalty. To learn more how Glance Cobrowse works click: Glance's visual engagement video. For additional information, you can also visit the Glance Cobrowse webpage and the Glance Panorama webpage.

The Glance Cobrowse System Requirements includes requirements for both an agent and a visitor to employ the cobrowse service. For more information on system requirements for all of Glance Panorama's services see Glance 3.0 Client System Requirements.

Glance Cobrowse System Requirements








An agent browses your company's website with a visitor.

Chrome 28+

Safari 6+

IE 11+

(IE 10, if do not need remote control)

Internet Explorer 9+

Chrome 26+

Firefox 21+

Safari 5+

iOS 6+

Android 3.2+

Windows Phone 7.5+

Surface (all)

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